Meeting presenters should log in five minutes early to ensure that all the technology is working smoothly. Ending meetings late is a tremendous source of stress for individuals, so don’t run over. My research suggests that only around 50% of meeting time is effective, well used, and engaging — and these effectiveness numbers drop even lower when it comes to remote meetings.

remote meeting meaning

Give each stakeholder 5-10 minutes to update the team on progress towards goals, roadblocks, successes, and failures. Leave at least 15 minutes at the end of the meeting for questions and to confirm goals and initiatives for the following period. Here are five different types of remote team or hybrid team meetings and how to be inclusive of remote team members when planning. At the beginning of the meeting, give participants some time to mingle with one another.

How to set up a remote online meeting around conflicting schedules?

The key responsibility of the coordinator is to drive the meeting as per the AgendaAgenda without any deviations. The person must adhere to the timings mentioned against each topic of the AgendaAgenda. You can select any efficient member from the remote team to facilitate the meeting discussions.

remote meeting meaning

Remote work and remote meetings are becoming an ever more important part of all our lives. Many businesses were already moving towards more remote-friendly ways of working, in a trend which the COVID-19 pandemic drastically accelerated. These are all valid weaknesses, but collaboration tools are continuously evolving with AI-enabled technologies like noise cancellation to improve virtual meeting experiences.

Monthly or Quarterly Progress Team Meeting

Thankfully, there are lots of options to choose from to help make effective collaboration faster and easier. Another challenge of virtual meetings is that it can be a challenge to keep everyone focused and engaged. Everyone will (most likely) be joining the meeting from their homes, which means there’ll be different operating systems, audio and video capabilities, and Wi-Fi connections involved.

Given our shorter attention spans right now, avoid defaulting to the hour-long meeting. Don’t hesitate to schedule just 15, 20, or 25 minutes for a meeting. When you adopt a stewardship mindset, you become deliberate in your meeting decisions from start to finish. Being intentional and making smart meeting choices do not take much time at all — with practice, they can take only a minute.

remote meeting meaning

With remote work and virtual meetings, you could stand to gain new clients and customers from way outside your local area and domestic market. Now that it’s so easy to communicate remotely with people all over the world, you could expand into new, less competitive territories and give your revenue a serious boost. Most people refer to web conferencing as a more hands-on type of virtual meeting. You can use it for presentations and virtual events, to collaborate on projects (e.g., through screen sharing and whiteboards), and to conduct training sessions.

Efficient online meeting management

Virtual meeting etiquette (aka virtual meeting manners) refers to the set of guidelines and practices that individuals should follow to ensure smooth and productive online meetings. To participate in a virtual meeting, you usually need a device such as a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone with a camera or separate webcam. Connecting to a virtual meeting platform with a reliable internet connection is essential to joining and actively participating. Participants in virtual meetings may experience distractions from their immediate environment, such as family members, pets, or ambient noise. It can be more difficult to maintain focused attention and active engagement throughout the meeting, leading to reduced participation and the potential loss of valuable input.

Remote communication plays an integral role in streamlining your company’s operations. However, to make your communication effective, you need to have a proper plan to ensure your virtual communication meets its goals. This guide will equip you with comprehensive knowledge of remote communication and perfect your communication processes with your distant teams. Conducting short quizzes or online competitions are some of the great interactive meeting ideas to make staff meetings fun.

  • You might discover that some agendas don’t require any form of meeting to handle; they need an individual polishing up or done in smaller groups.
  • The objective is to prepone to postpone to alternative time schedules in case of any rejections or decline of the video meetings online.
  • You can use online tools, such as, to ensure that the essential aspects of your conversations are stored and noted.
  • But with remote meetings, he can simply resume his working day at 3 p.m.
  • You can replace virtual meetings with in-person meetings or telephone calls.

Upload the recordings in a company internal online portal with access restrictions. You can alternate the schedule to accommodate all the time zones, rotating between daytime and nighttime. In doing so, you can avoid hosting recurring remote meetings for the benefit of only one but advantageous for all. You can set up virtual staff meeting for different purposes; for conducting training, discussions, daily status updates, steering committee meeting, research meetings, etc. List out all the video meetings so that you can plan and schedule them as per the convenient times and duration. In the case of video conference calls, participants can engage in better conversations if they can see each other visually.

remote meeting meaning

Many companies have shared online workspace for storing important documents. The Minutes of Meeting can be uploaded in a common folder and access granted to all the participants. The participants can view the action points assigned to them and ensure completeness as per the deadlines mentioned. It may be in the form of voicing their opinion on a topic, or a question-answer session.

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It is also difficult for virtual meetings participants to build a good relationship with the other people in the meeting because they can’t meet them face-to-face. Definition, explanation, benefits, and a list of the best tools for virtual meetings. Virtual meetings can be used for a variety of purposes, including business meetings, remote work, online classes, webinars, and more. They are becoming increasingly popular due to their convenience, cost-effectiveness, and ability to connect people around the world. Once the remote meeting is over, follow up on a specific list of action items and deliverables that were discussed during the meeting.

The COVID pandemic taught the world many lessons, one of them being that meeting virtually can go a long way towards bridging the gap of physical distance. Many colleagues who had previously only worked together in-person were still able to deepen their connection, and in many cases even improve their productivity. In this section, we will share the virtual meeting best practices for conducting effective and fruitful remote meetings. They will act as a guide on how to make meetings fun, and some interesting tips for virtual meetings. You can adapt the best practices in your company and bet you will be able to execute interactive and easy video conferencing with your remote employees.

This means that it’s much easier to be passive than with in-person meetings, especially when there are lots of participants. Many businesses were given no option but to shut down and arrange alternatives. The option to move to virtual meetings and remote work enabled these businesses to keep themselves running. Say one of your colleagues needs to pick his daughter up from soccer practice at 2 p.m. But with remote meetings, he can simply resume his working day at 3 p.m.

While researching his book, 1,001 Ways to Engage Employees, Dr. Bob Nelson performed an ambitious analysis of three million employee surveys. He wanted to discover what the greatest drivers of employee engagement were. He found that when employees receive learning, development, and advancement opportunities systematically from … If anyone reported technical problems during the meeting, make a note to follow up with them individually.